Bagging Beautiful Bothies

The Scottish Highlands are famous the world over for their stunning lochs, dramatic scenery and magnificent Bens and glens. Hiking through these beautiful surroundings is becoming an increasingly popular holiday option. While there are no shortage of glorious hotels that you can spend your nights in during a visit or staycation to Scotland, the appeal of connecting to this magnificent landscape in a much closer and older way cannot be underestimated.

Bothies have long provided shelter and comfort to individuals and small groups who are traversing the mountains. Normal hotels offers all sorts of amenities like shampoo, conditioner and body lotion in those teeny, tiny bottles that are oh, so stealable, not to mention other perks like towels, running hot water and bed linens. The appeal of a wind and waterproof stone bothie in the middle of suitably Scotish raincloud will seem like stepping into the Four Seasons after a day traversing the hills!

Bothies are a pack it in and pack it out endeavour that require you to bring your own sleeping materials, food and whatever else you need with you. The history of Bothies go back along way and were first used by estate workers as a place to sleep between jobs. Nowadays Bothies are mostly used by walkers, if you are planning on using a bothy during a trek across the highlands then it is worth knowing a bit about Bothy etiquette.

This Bothy Etiquette has been developed by the Mountain Bothies Association

  • The use of bothies is entirely at your own risk
  • Share the Bothy and leave it in a tidy and clean condition along with dry kindling for the next user.
  • Take any rubbish that you can’t burn wth you, don’t bury rubbish as this can spread pollution.
  • Make sure to properly close doors and windows when you depart.
  • If the bothy doesn’t have a toilet, all human waste should be buried well away from water supplies.
  • Bothies are for small groups and individuals moving through the mountains
  • Bothies are for short stays only, you must get permission from the bothy owner if you intend to stay for more than a night or two

While you might miss the mini bar, you sure can’t beat waking up to sight like this!


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