Spectacular Scottish City Breaks

Scotland has developed quite the reputation for being the place to go to get away from it all. The magnificence of mountainsides, combined with uninterrupted views of glens and the delightful calmness of spending a day or two lochside all make for an inspiring and soul refreshing getaway. However, Scotland is home to far more than just braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht’s in secluded corners of the countryside. Scotland is also home to a vibrant city culture that will have you dancing the night away, taking in world-class performances and sampling tasty treats from some of the best chefs in the country all while surrounded by rich history and architecture and accommodations that will give you something to write home about.

For your next city break choose from four of Scotland’s largest cities for a getaway that will have you coming back for more, or why not city hop for the ultimate urban adventure?


The capital city of Scotland is a history buffs dream! Stroll the winding lanes of the old city and marvel at the new one. Visit in August to take in the world famous Fringe Festival and see the city be transformed into a gigantic stage with performance popping up in the strangest of places!


Sun, sea and sand and, perhaps even a spot of surfing, are not usually what springs to mind when it comes to planning a city break and that fact that you can get all four of these in Aberdeen may seem even more surprising. As one of the sunniest spots in Scotland, you can soak up the rays on Aberdeen beach which is a short stroll away from the centre of the Granite city. The beach is the perfect spot to relax after a night out in Aberdeen’s happening night club scene.


Full disclosure, I am a child of Glasgow and feel it is my responsibility to share the wonder that is my home city with everyone else. There is no city better in my opinion. With some of the best shopping in the UK as well as the most number of parks in any city in the world you can combine a shopaholics dream weekend with park culture that will leave you feeling refreshed rather than stressed after a day of hitting the streets.




Famously referred to as the city of jam, jute and journalism this is a city that embraces its history while blazing a path into the future. Designated as the UK’s first ever city of design you can take in the new V&A museum of design (opening this September) while walking the streets that gave us Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan and Grand Theft Auto.

Finding a place to stay while you visit the 4 largest cities in Scotland is full of potential. All four of these getaway destinations have boutique hotels that are as unique as you are in addition to chain hotels where you will often find amazing deals like these. If you would like to sample some of Scotland’s world-famous hospitality then why no try a B&B to give you a leisurely and well-fed start to the day.


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